SAINS holds eLA2 Workshops for phase 2
(SAINS News; 07 Dec, 2012)

The eLA2 project for Local Authorities under the leadership of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development (LGCD) has moved into phase 2 of implementation. While Phase 1 focused on the core processes of the councils such as the Financial Accounting System and Pay Roll, Phase 2 will focus on assisting the councils reach out to the rakyat.  A key part of Phase 2 is the implementation of GIS and mobile technologies to improve service delivery.

Working together with the LGCD and the ICT Unit in the Chief Minister’s Department, SAINS is in the process of holding a series of workshops to determine the needs of the Local Authorities so that the solution provided will both conform to government policy and security and assist the councils in their task of serving the community.

The latest in this series of workshops was held at The Riverside Majestic Hotel in Kuching on the 5th and 6th of December. This two day workshop was attended by approximately 50 officers from Local Authorities from all over Sarawak. The workshop was held to confirm the requirements of the GIS and Mobile functions to be implemented for the Rating and Billing system in the eLA2 solution. The workshop was a follow up to one held in earlier November.

During the workshop, participants were briefed on the functionalities of the Rating and Billing System and given a demonstration of the features they could expect to see. The workshop also presented the participants with an opportunity to discuss amendments and additions they wished to make to the proposed system.

These workshops are an important part of SAINS’ commitment to the Sarawak Government and SAINS will continue in its efforts to deliver excellent solutions and services to Sarawak.

Approximately 50 officers from Local Authorities from all over Sarawak attended the workshop


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