What We Do


Digital Government

Since our beginnings, government improvement has been our watchword. We have worked together with government organizations to improve service delivery to the public through the implementation of government IT systems that have shortened wait times, enhanced service delivery, and improved return on investment. Our solutions are tailored to suit government needs and processes.


The proliferation of new technologies heralds an exciting new chapter in the annals of digital technology. However, along with these new opportunities come greater risk and security issues. At SAINS we are committed to ensuring that our customers are able to enjoy all the benefits these technologies bring without suffering the consequences of successful cyber-attacks due to inadequate security.

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For over a decade we have been in the business of facilitating electronic payments. Our Fintech solutions allow our customers to boost the growth and revenue of their businesses through the provision of cashless digital payment options while allowing users to more easily carry out financial transactions.

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Big Data

Big data is one of the fastest growing technology segments with demand for big date products growing year by year. Organizations are flocking to the use of big data to assist leaders make informed and accurate decisions, improve efficiency and achieve organizational goals. Our solutions can help you make the most of your big data.

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An IT infrastructure can be said to be the backbone of the modern organization. Every business needs some form of IT infrastructure to function. A well planned and thought out infrastructure can often be the difference between smooth and seamless expansion of your business and a crippled system unable to cope. At SAINS we are able to provide you with the right solution for your needs.

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Cloud Computing

Keeping pace with the latest in IT infrastructure and platforms to support your business needs can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Investment in ICT is costly, while hiring and retaining professionals to manage the technologies can be even more complex. Instead of channelling valuable resources into building, deploying and managing your own technology infrastructure and platforms, why not leave your worries to us.

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Internet of Things

For the past several years, we have been working together with our customers to harness the power of IoT to improve their quality of service (QoS). We have implemented IoT solutions for our customers in various industries including utilities, logistics, security, as well as in the areas asset management and disaster management.

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Our Training Centre was established in response to the increasing demands for IT training in Malaysia. Our large pool of veteran trainers and dedicated training facilities are able to answer your training needs.

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