Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation

In order to maintain our edge and continue to provide the best solutions to our customers, we constantly carry out research on new and innovative technologies. Our research and innovation team continuously explores the newest areas of technology in order to determine how we can best harness these technologies to improve our offerings to our customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest trends in digital transformation today.  New developments in technology and the lowered cost of hardware mean that the AI field is growing faster than ever. At SAINS we are keenly looking into ways in which we can harness the potential of AI especially in the field of Government.   

We see natural language processing (NLP) as a fruitful avenue of exploration, for instance in the creation of a virtual assistance for government processes. Automation of low skilled tasks is another potential application.  We are also looking into AI in Internet of Things (IoT) systems for uses such as better disaster prediction and predictive farming.


The success of cryptocurrencies has given rise to serious consideration for the use of blockchain technology in various other fields such as in the finance, business and government sectors.

Although not always superior or even suitable in every instance, when used judiciously, blockchain can enhance the security of transactions as well as speed up processes and reduce errors. We are exploring the use of blockchain for various eGovernment applications to potentially take advantage of these benefits while avoiding the pitfalls.

Internet of Things

In the area of IoT, we are exploring ways to increase the coverage of our services while reducing the cost of ownership to provide our customers with solutions that are more efficient and economical.

We are also working to include the use of machine learning and artificial intelligent (AI) in our IoT solutions to improve data analytics and the prediction of outcomes to enable autonomous machine operation.