Community Inclusivity

Community Inclusivity

As a wholly Sarawakian company, we have always been heavily invested in the improvement and advancement of Sarawak. For this reason, we take our social responsibility towards the Sarawakian community very seriously. Over the years we have, both working together with other organizations and solo, carried out numerous community programs to benefit the people of Sarawak.     

RiGHT Programme

The Rural ICT Guided Home-based Technopreneur (RiGHT) involves the training of rural youths to be ICT anchors and home-based technopreneurs in their respective communities. Once they have completed their training, RIGHT graduates can choose to become technoprenures and set up their own ICT service centers, e-commerce business, agro food business or use their new found skills to find employment.

This training programme is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development (MANRED).

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Youth ICT Education

Education of the Sarawakian youth is a cornerstone of our community inclusivity initiative. As such, each year we carry out various ICT education programmes for the youth of Sarawak. These include ICT camps for rural students in conjunction with the Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development (MANRED), Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS), the State Education Department, and Regional Education Offices.

We also provide short ICT courses for urban secondary students during the holiday period.

Institution of Higher Learning Awards

Our Best Graduate Awards and Industry Awards are presented annually to outstanding graduates and students to recognize and support the emergence of bright talents in the field of ICT. The aim of these awards is to promote the growth of ICT talent among the young people of Sarawak. These awards are promoted in collaboration with various universities and institutions of higher learning in Sarawak. Prizes include certificates and cash prizes provided by SAINS.

Pro Bono Development

As part of our commitment to the Sarawak Community, we occasionally carry out one-off pro bono application and website development projects for Not-for-Profit Organizations to assist these organizations better reach out to and provide benefit to the Sarawak public.