On Premise Infrastructure

An IT infrastructure can be said to be the backbone of the modern organization. Every business needs some form of IT infrastructure to function. A well planned and thought out infrastructure can often be the difference between smooth and seamless expansion of your business and a crippled system unable to cope. At SAINS we are able to provide you with the right solution for your needs.

Designed for You

Whether your organization is small and expanding or large and well established, our experienced team of infrastructure experts and consultants are happy to sit down with you to discuss your needs and assist you choose and design an advanced infrastructure solution tailored to your business requirements.

With us, you can be assured of a fast, scalable, cost effective and secure IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on you core business without worries.




Faster Networks

With organizations increasingly moving to the cloud, network latency and disruption is an increasing concern. Our experts are able to design and deploy a modern, low latency, optimised network for you to ensure that your critical business applications get the speed they require.

Reliable Storage

Sometimes your business requires the added security and certainty of an on-premise storage infrastructure. We are able to assist you install and support a tailor-designed on-site storage infrastructure architecture including hardware and software with advanced features such as high-performance, high-availability, load balancing, back-up and archiving to assist you keep costs low while maintaining optimal performance.

Our storage solutions include server virtualization. Virtualization is able to provide efficiencies and capabilities that cannot be achieved with physical servers. The many benefits of virtualization include energy and costs savings, increased uptime, better disaster recovery and faster server provisioning.  

Better Security

Excellent security is often the only thing separating business as usual from a crisis. To ensure the safety of your infrastructure and data, we bake security measures into the infrastructure we build for you including access management and firewalls.

In addition to security software, a well thought out security policy is key. We are able to offer our consultancy services to assist you in designing your security policy and business continuity plan. 

Speedy Disaster Recovery

In addition to the right infrastructure, a good disaster recovery plan is necessary for fast recovery. Our consultancy services are able to assist you develop and set up a backup and disaster recovery plan and design a solution to ensure your organization is ready for any eventuality.

Whether you chose to setup and maintain your own disaster recovery infrastructure or opt for disaster recovery as a service on the cloud, we can help you get there.