Local Authorities

Local Authorities

As a company primarily focused on electronic government, we have built up a deep well of experience and know-how in various government fields. One such is local government. For years, we have worked together with various local governments in the country to develop solutions that work to enhance and streamline the work processes of local councils to assist them better carry out service delivery to their customers.


Core Business Process Management

Our interconnected enterprise solutions are tailored to local government needs and are designed to harmonise and standardise the core business processes of local authorities, allowing for better internal organizational management as well as faster more efficient service delivery.

Our solutions are robust and secure, and facilitate data sharing and record keeping to conform to auditing requirements.

eLA2 Electronic Local Authority

eLA2 seamlessly integrates multiple technologies and systems to allow Local Authorities to expedite and  improve service delivery to the public. Technologies such as GIS, and business intelligence allow for better and faster town planning as well as building and licensing permissions while mobile and IoT technologies allow officers on the ground to instantly connect to the system while carrying out enforcement or valuation activities.


Local Government for Local Communities

Designed and built based on a people-centric principle, eLA2 is positioned as a platform to allow the services of Local Authorities to be reachable by the public, anytime and anywhere.