Administration Solutions

Administration Solutions

Government administration can be a massive and tedious undertaking. Our wide range of administration solutions for government ensure that government agencies are able to easily and efficiently carry out their core business functions and processes without being bogged down by administrative processes.


Balanced Scorecard

In the business world, success is often measures through financial achievements. However, government success is measured by different metrics that can be difficult to quantify.  Our Balanced Scorecard solution provides government organizations with a simple solution to easily disseminate government goals and strategies to all government employees and a measurement system which goes beyond purely financial measures to measure the performance of those employees based on government objectives.

Sarawak ID Single Sign-on

Sarawak ID enables the public to access Sarawak Government online services using a single user name and password. Once a member of the public logs in to any existing government online service, they are just one click away from accessing any other government online service.

The platform is secured through an encrypted database to allow the public to manage their online identity with the State Government. In order to ensure data integrity, the stored identity is also verified with the National Registration Department.

HR Management

Our Human Resource Management Solution is an integrated HR solution which streamlines, computerises and automates the traditional HR, payroll and employee management functions of your organisation.

The solution greatly reduces the high cost of managing your workforce and their related records and allows you to deal more efficiently with employee documentation and requests. Its self-service feature enables employees to submit leave applications, loan applications and claims, and check processing status online.

Financial and Accounting Management

Our financial management solution offers integrated and timely management of government accounting and financial information. Our solution is tailored for government accounting needs and centralises and improves budgetary controls and monitoring of government expenditure. It covers a wide scope, from financial planning, budgeting, auditing, fund management, financial monitoring and control, to investment management, cost management and accounting.

Project Monitoring

Our project monitoring solution is used to monitor the implementation of government development projects, from high-level management down to low level activities.

Using the system, government agencies are better able to manage and access information such as financial planning and monitoring, performance reviews, contract details, physical planning and monitoring and more.