Content Management

Content Management

Our range of content management solutions allows you to more easily and efficiently manage and publish your digital content. Whether you are looking for a way to publish your digital content to the public or internally, or you need a solution to better organize and distribute your digital documents and media we have the solution for you.

Library Management

Our Library Management solution is designed to support the knowledge seeking community. It provides for the centralised management of a single or multiple libraries allowing the sharing and circulation of library resources between libraries for better utilisation of funding.

Our system supports multiple languages and a single interface for a combination of materials such as book titles, CDs, and other multimedia content. Core modules include acquisitions, cataloguing, member management, online public access cataloguing (OPAC), circulation and serial management.

Registry and Case Tracking

Our Registry and Case Tracking System is a file indexing and tracking system especially designed to boost office administration work for all levels of management. The system tracks the movements of every file thereby minimising the risk of misplacing or losing files while elevating staff accountability. This reliable tracking system ensures that all cases are accounted for and responded to quickly.

Utilising a web interface and messaging technology, the system ensures that even if the officer-in-charge is not in the office, they can still look into the case anytime, anywhere.

Digital Content Management

Our Digital content management solutions allow your organization to create and maintain a single centralised repository of your digital content. Our solutions allow you to easily store, organise, search for and share your digital content with other users.

In addition to easy management and sharing, access control and security features ensure that your content remains secure and can only be retrieved by authorised personnel.