Legal and Judiciary

Legal and Judiciary

It is an accepted truth that the wheel of justice turns slowly; however, we set out to prove this truth wrong when we developed our court system. Over the years, we have developed and deployed court systems for various courts including the Syariah Court of Malaysia, and the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak.

Our court system promotes productivity and efficiency, simplifying and speeding up judiciary processes to benefit the judiciary and court officials, the advocates, the parties in court cases and the public at large.


At the core, and central to the architecture, is the Case Management System for judges and registrars. This system serves to facilitate judiciary processes within the court, particularly the management of court cases, all the way from case filing, case assignments and scheduling, to case disposition. Through web and mobile technologies, judges and judicial commissioners are able to view and manage their case assignments anywhere, anytime. Virtual files also allow them to review case filings on the go.

Advocates and Prosecutors

Advocates and prosecutors receive their own dedicated Case Management System to allow them to manage their own cases. Lawyers and prosecutors are able to view and work on cases in real-time as data is updated at the Court.

The system also facilitates the electronic filing process of a case and subsequently enables legal documents to be filed electronically throughout the court proceedings. The system is integrated with a digital signature function.

Court Management

The system brings many improvements to traditional court management. These include the ability to systematically and dynamically sequence court hearings by queueing a trial once all participants enter the court premises, tracking of files and evidence through the use of RFID, and virtual court hearings through video conferencing.

The Public

The High Court Portal and mobile application are the primary gateways for the Courts to reach its external customers and stakeholders. Through these gateways, information such as general court information, announcements, news, cause lists and trial judgments are made accessible to the general public.


Case Recording and Transcript

During court hearings, the Case Recording & Transcription System facilitates the development of court-transcripts of the proceedings through the recording and tracking of audio and video in addition to the traditional transcription method. This not only facilitates faster and more accurate transcription of court proceedings that participants are able to review at the end of the session, but also allows the recordings to be reviewed if a dispute arises.