For the past several years, we have worked together with our customers to harness the power of IoT to improve their quality of service (QoS), enhance their efficiency in asset management, and reduce their cost of operations. We have implemented IoT solutions in the fields of critical national infrastructure (CNI), logistics, and early warning systems (EWS).

Critical National Infrastructure

Our IoT solutions allow power utility companies to improve their supply availability and manage their assets and work-time. Massive collection and analysis of data enables our customers to determine their system performance, pre-empt system failure, and improve their QoS.

ReMDAC - Remote Monitoring, Data Acquisition and Control System is our flagship IoT solution for CNI sectors. ReMDAC provides visibility to both system activities as well as human activities at remote stations. It serves as an early warning system for the operation team so that early remedies can be administered to prevent an initial symptom from metastasizing into a larger problem. It also monitors the activities of staff and contractors, and detects the presence of uninvited parties at remote stations.  


Our fleet management system uses sensors to track the speed, location and route of moving and moveable assets in the transportation industry in real-time, and present this information in graphical format on dashboards. The collected data provides insights to management allowing them to take appropriate measures to either correct any shortcomings in their operations or enhance existing good practices. Most importantly, it safeguards the interest of the public and instils confidence in the safety and availability of services.

Early Warning System

Floods are a clear and ever-present danger in our homeland with lives lost each year.  Our early warning system uses sensors to detect and monitor rainfall as well as water levels at ponds, rivers and river-basins across Sarawak. Analysing the real-time data collected enables emergency services to determine the trends and risks of flood, and allows the at risk public and residents at to be forewarned and better prepared.