Land Managment and GIS

Land Management and GIS

We are one of the first and most experienced geospatial teams in Malaysia with years of experience in the field. We have worked extensively with various government agencies on some of the most comprehensive geospatial solutions in Malaysia, as well as provided various geospatial services for both the public and private sectors.

Geospatial Services

We provide Geomatics services to governments and private organisations. Our services consist of user and data requirements analysis, systems and database design, applications development, and implementation of Geo-Spatial and related spatial technologies.

We also carry out provision of satellite imagery as well as image processing and analysis.

GIS Solution Development

We develop custom Geo-Spatial applications and solutions integrated with databases, imagery, CAD, LIS, and other state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Our solutions allow you to make the most out of your GIS data and provide you with intuitive user interfaces that allow you to visualise your business processes, speed up your service delivery and reduce mistakes.

GIS systems are the backbone of many of our government solutions including our Land Management Solution and Local Authority Solution.

Land Management

Our land management solution is one of the most comprehensive and integrated land information systems available in Malaysia. It is a single interface GIS-centric land information solution that supports a full range of business processes on land matters.

The solution integrates digitised cadastral, map and aerial and orthophoto databases for land use planning, land title registration and management, land acquisition, land valuation, land revenue collection management and enforcement.

Forest Information Management

As one of the main revenue generators, sustainable timber management is an important consideration for Sarawak. Our forest management solution provides a holistic approach to the management and monitoring of Sarawak’s natural timber resources encompassing the timber manufacturing lifecycle including licensing, harvesting, transporting, manufacturing and trading of logs and timber products. The solution also facilitates the billing, collection and reporting of revenue.

The detection of illegal logging and illegal log movement is also improved through a combination of technologies including GIS, remote sensing, and drone technology.