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Dr Rundi (right), Alice (third right) and others at the launch of e-Utilities System. -Photo by Roystein Emmor

Ministry of Utilities staff told to be proactive in dealing with complaints, problems

(SAINS News; 29 Jan, 2021)

KUCHING: Minister of Utilities Dato Sri Dr Stephen Rundi Utom has ordered his staff of all levels to be proactive in dealing with complaints and problems on the ground.

He said gone were the days when people would put up with interruption of water and electricity supply because these days, people would expect constant supply of utilities.

“If you fail to respond timely, people blame the government. Whatever issues or complaints from the ground, please act immediately and do not delay.

“As far as utilities are concerned, even if there are a few moments without water or electricity, people will complain. This is because we are used to everything being 100 per cent okay.

“There used to be challenges for us to provide utilities to people and now the challenges for us involve sustaining and maintaining the services,” he said when launching the ministry’s e-Utilities System at the LCDA Tower here yesterday.

According to Dr Rundi, launching the system has been the ministry’s dream in line with enhancing its delivery system.

He said the system would be able to address the issue of shortage of manpower such as by replacing manual meter reading with smart meter reading through the adoption of technology.

“I hope our command centre will be able to monitor real time (about situations on the ground) especially water and electricity supply interruption.”

He hoped that everyone at the ministry would be more committed to their job in view of the rising demand from the ground.

“Now, only one minute without water supply, people get mad already. We work not just for salaries but must assume our responsibilities to deliver what is expected of us,” he said.

Lauding the e-Utilities System as a good initiative, Dr Rundi said it would make sure the ministry is heading in the right direction in delivering quality services to all.

“When people have confidence in us, they will continue to support us. Let’s work together constantly to achieve our dreams,” he added.

Earlier, permanent secretary to the ministry Dato Alice Jawan Empaling said the new system included online application for the certification of water products and fittings and licensing for pipe fitter and mains layer.

“It also includes licensing for distribution of gas and registration for certificate of gas competency, gas contractor and approvals.”

With these, she said the ministry would be able to expedite the approval process which should benefit its customers.

According to her, the system also revamps and enhances some of the ministry’s existing systems such as Sarawak e-KPI System for Water Supply Services (e-KISS), Credit Checking System (CCS) and Map Viewer and Project Monitoring.

“With this, we will be able to monitor the performances of our agencies as well as manage the state’s utilities infrastructure development programmes and projects.”

Alice said the ministry looked forward to further enhancing its services to the public in the coming years.

“This can be achieved by providing more end-to-end online services and making utilities statistical data available to the public,” she added. -Borneo Post

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