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Suhaizan speaking to reporters at the event.

Close to half of vendors at Uptown Kota Samarahan Ramadan Bazaar offering RM5 Menu Rahmah

(Source: Daily Dayak, by Wilfred Pilo; 13 Apr, 2023)

KUCHING, April 13: A total of 64 of 140 food vendors at the Uptown Kota Samarahan Ramadan Bazaar are offering the affordable ‘Menu Rahmah’ priced at RM5 per meal as part of the ‘Bazar Ramadan Rahmah’ (BRR) programme.

The political secretary to the Minister of Consumer Affairs and Cost of Living (KPDN) Suhaizan Kaiat, said the meals offered as part of Menu Rahmah would help people and their cost of living.

“Menu Rahmah is a crowd puller for members of the public at the eatery.

“A study carried out by the ministry revealed that 69 per cent of the food operators said they made a profit from the volume of food sold,” he said after the launch of the Rahmah Sales and Packages by H&L Supermarket at H&L Supermarket, Aiman Mall Kota Samarahan.

He also praised H&L Supermarket for offering their own food package priced at just RM3.99 a meal.

“H&L also offers Rahmah sales, with prices as low as RM13 for a chicken, which normally costs RM20, and a tray of omega chicken eggs at RM15 instead of the normal RM18,” he added.

Suhaizan represented the Minister of Consumer Affairs and Costs of Living, Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub on his first working visit to Sarawak.

The programme is part of KPDN’s Rahmah Roadshow here and covers four initiatives under the Rahmah umbrella namely, the ‘Bakul Rahmah’, Jualan Rahmah’, ‘Bazar Rahmah’ and ‘Menu Rahmah’ in Kuching and Kota Samarahan.

He continued to say that KPDN and their strategic partner S Pay Global would continue to expand their Retail Digitalisation Initiative (ReDI) to ensure all small businesses be involved in the national digitalisation programme.

Suhaizan said 40 businesses at the bazaar have implemented the use of online payment options.

“This is a good effort that KPDN would like to expand further, especially in towns with good internet coverage.

He added there will be an e-cash initiative for the BRR programme where the first 1,000 users will be given RM20 deposited in their e-wallet at the BRR programme, totalling RM20,000.

“I understand the Sarawak government will give a rebate of six sen for every purchase where payment is made online. This is a good effort by Sarawak to encourage online transactions,” he said.

Also present was KPDN Sarawak director Mathew Barin, and H&L Supermarket director Bong Kuet Foong.

DayakDaily, by Wilfred Pilo

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